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Catching-up with Element Six...
17 Mar 2017

With a new release under his Element Six alias just arrived, we took 5 with Ari to find out what the US-producer's been up to lately...

1. Hey Ari, welcome back to Enhanced! What's new in the world of Element Six?

Hey guys, great to be back! It has been a little quiet on the Element Six front over the past few months, but I'm really excited to release 'Together'. This track was really a refresher for me to make as I went back to what got me into dance music years ago - uplifting, progressive trance.

2. Your previous release 'Cosmopolitan' saw a lot of success! How did it feel to have the likes of Ferry Corsten etc all picking up & playing the record?

It's always a great feeling to have producers that you looked up to when learning support your work. It's kind of surreal. If you would have asked me years ago if artists like Ferry Corsten would even be listening to my music I probably would have laughed. Hard work definitely pays off!

3. You've played recent gigs alongside Ilan Bluestone & others, how does it feel to get the opportunity to play these and play your music live first hand?

Playing live is really the whole point in my opinion. This type of music is made to be experienced in that setting and it's hard to truly grasp the ideas without the proper experience. Playing live and seeing hundreds (or even thousands) of people enjoying your music is like nothing else. Of course getting to play alongside guys like Ilan is an absolute honor as well!

4. Some may know you have a side-project Medii with releases on Enhanced Recordings, what's the story behind the Medii alias?

Medii is a collaboration project between myself and Adam Lilley. We recently launched this around November and since then we've been working pretty much nonstop. The reason for starting Medii was that I really wanted to branch outside of what I have been working on over the last 6-7 years. I found myself really liking a lot of the music coming out of the future bass/trap scene. After experimenting, Adam and I began to find our new sound.

5. Plans for 2017 as Element Six?

Medii is a major reason why there haven't been a ton of Element Six tracks over the past year or so, but Element Six isn't going anywhere. I plan to continue working on this project alongside Medii. Element Six will be for my more progressive style work.

6. Must-have studio tool/item?

Tough to narrow down to one so I'm going to cheat here - Serum, Fabfilter Pro-Q2, Moog Sub37

7. Current favourite producers/tracks?

I could go forever here with the amount of amazing music coming out these days but...Mickey Valen, Synchronice, WRLD, BEAUZ, Holly, Illenium, Boxinbox & Lionsize.

8. Favourite food/drink?

Can't go wrong with some In-N-Out Burger :)

Grab your copy of 'Together' now on Spotify or Beatport:


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