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The Remixes of 'Long Way Home' are here...
19 May 2017

'Long Way Home' returns with two exceptional Remixes from some of the label's most talented artists.

Noah Neiman, Jay Bombay & Laci Kay's 'Long Way Home' saw one of Enhanced's best-loved names teaming up with two new faces to the label in a brilliantly uplifting Summer gem, laced with feel-good melodic chords and Noah's trademark bouncing energy. Bringing 'Long Way Home' back to the forefront, two new Remixes bring 'Long Way Home's addictive sound back...

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The Calling On You Remixes are out!
22 May 2017
Stream on Spotify, Enhanced Ibiza 2017
21 May 2017
Rodrigo Deem is lining up some major support!
20 May 2017
The Remixes of 'Long Way Home' are here...
19 May 2017
3-for-1 sale is still going!
18 May 2017
Stream on Spotify, Enhanced's Ibiza 2017 Compilation!
17 May 2017
Noise Zoo are back on Enhanced Progressive...
15 May 2017
Enhanced Sessions 400 is LIVE!
15 May 2017

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