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Catch-up with Steve Brian
04 Aug 2017

A name synonymous with Enhanced Progressive over the years - after a brief hiatus, we caught up with Steve Brian to discuss his new tune 'Angola' and what he's been up to lately...

Hey Steve! It's great to have you back releasing music with Enhanced Progressive. We're super excited about 'Angola'!

Hey guys, I am excited as well! Good to be back on Enhanced; it's been a long time since my last release.

After taking a break with my Steve Brian releases in 2014 to focus on ghost producing, I've collected a bunch of new ideas and it's time to get them out there. I have a lot in store for the next few months!

You took an extended hiatus from releasing music; what have you been up to during that time?

I spent most of my time working on lots of other projects including tracks featuring Sean Paul, Nicki Minaj and some well known German pop artists. I was focusing on my ghost producing for the most part but I haven't forgotten about my Steve Brian or Cabriolet Paris projects!

Tell us a bit about your music-making process. Do you make music with a certain aim in mind?

Not really! If I come up with a good idea during the creative process I then make the decision as to which project of mine it would suit the most. There is no standard way that I do things.

What would be your main piece of advice for any aspiring musicians/producers?

Nowadays there is simply too much music being made around the world. You have to work on a salient idea. Actually, if you have a really good idea, then you have to spend time working on your own sound. Don't just use presets that you fill with your ideas; elaborate and layer until you find your own sound.

Tell us a bit about your new track 'Angola'. Is it a good representation of your sound?

Yes for sure. I wanted to show people that I'm back with my trademark Steve Brian sound, but I'm going to spend the next month advancing and evolving that sound. There will be a good balance of fresh and classic sounds.

I'm going to be hitting up Enhanced with some new material as soon as possible!

What was the thinking behind doing a Club mix and also a Sunrise mix for 'Angola'?

'Angola' is a very Summer-y song and I made the decision to work on a more relaxed version for after-hours and a summer peak time version as well.

What are your plans for the rest of the year and beyond?

I'll be working on too many projects like always, but I'll definitely be focusing on some Steve Brian singles.

Thanks for catching up with us Steve!

You're welcome! Thanks for having me.

You can hit up 'Angola' below on Spotify.


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