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Enhanced Chill, Vol. 4
Enhanced's coveted compilation series 'Enhanced Chill' makes a return for its fourth consecutive year - back and better than ever, here's 2016's injection of delicious acoustic, ambient and leftfield Originals & Reworks from some of Enhanced's most recognisable names.

Featuring influential releases from both Enhanced's Recordings & Progressive imprints along with a selection from Enhanced's stable of sub-labels, 'Enhanced Chill, Vol. 4' takes some of the the very best tracks from a wealth of styles and strips them back to their spine-tingling barebones.

From unplugged and acoustic versions of Arno Cost & Eric Lumiere's 'Again', BRKLYN & Mariah McManus' 'Can't Get Enough' and Cuebrick, APEK & Linney's 'Safe', to unheard, exclusive reworks of Marcus Santoro's chart-topping 'There Is Only You', Noise Zoo's evocative Chill Out mix of Progressive Trance anthem 'Spectre' and a mind-blowing duo of Originals from Progressive prodigy Matt Fax, 'Enhanced Chill, Vol. 4' is the perfect audible accompaniment for all of those laid-back moments.
1. BRKLYN feat. Mariah McManus - Can't Get Enough (Unplugged)
2. APEK & Shanahan feat. Andrew Jackson - Broken Souls (Unplugged)
3. Arno Cost feat. Eric Lumiere - Again (Acoustic Mix)
4. Cuebrick & APEK feat. Linney - Safe (C-Systems Alternative Mix)
5. Manse feat. Cornelia Jakobs - We Come Alive (Chill Out Mix)
6. Johan Vilborg feat. Linney - Unravel Me (Mardven Chill Out Mix)
7. Andrew Benson & Hexlogic - Garden State (Chill Out Mix)
8. Marcus Santoro - There Is Only You (Ambient Mix)
9. Matt Fax - Introspection (Original Mix)
10. Mhammed El Alami & Ben Samy - Ocean Dream (Chill Out Mix)
11. Stargliders - The Red Nebula (Chill Out Mix)
12. Chris SX - The Energy Lab (Chill Out Mix)
13. Noise Zoo - Spectre (Chill Out Mix)
14. Matt Chowski - Fractals Of The Sun (Original Mix)
15. Alex Wright - Treetop Lullaby (Original Mix)
16. Mardven - Sakhalin (Original Mix)
17. Matt Fax - A Shadow Walking With You (Original Mix)
18. Mardven - Gnome (Original Mix)
19. Speed Limits - Reach (Original Mix)
20. Boxer & Forbes pres. Dandy feat. Tania Zygar - The Road (Orbion Acoustic Mix)


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Tritonal feat. Angel Taylor

Getaway (Radio Edit)

Tritonal, Ross Lynch, R5

I Feel The Love (Radio Edit)

Tritonal feat. Skyler Stonestreet

Electric Glow (Original Mix)

Tritonal & Sj feat. Emma Gatsby

Hung Up (Original Mix)


Livin' The Dream (Radio Edit)

Madison Mars

Shuffle Shuttle (Original Mix)

Thomas Hayes feat. Kyler England

Golden (Radio Mix)


GAMMA GAMMA (Brillz Remix)

Tritonal feat. Steph Jones

Escape (Radio Edit)

Tritonal feat. Steph Jones

Blackout (Original Mix)